Walleye Fishing Tips and Techniques

bottom bounceYou can find trick, tips, and techniques, for catching trophy walleye all over the internet. It seems like everyone has their own methods and tactics for catching this beautiful species. There are many many working methods when it comes to walleye fishing. The key is being able to determine which methods are appropriate for the lakes you will be fishing in, and incorporating them properly at the right times into your fishing journey. Its really isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing. Different tips work better in different environments which is why many of the tips out there are pretty useless for most anglers. We tried to so something a little different here. We asked highly qualified, experienced walleye anglers to give us their best walleye tips. We also included their location, so you can try and find tips to use in bodies of water close to you. We will update this page frequently so stay tuned. You will notice that some of the tips are repetitive, this is a good indication that this tip will apply to multiple bodies of water. Enjoy.

Samuel Jason from Sault Ste Marie Ontario:

My biggest tip is to fish at the right times. When I first started out as a walleye angler I was fishing at all the wrong times and in the wrong places. Walleye move around a lot, and a lot of this has to due with the sun and water temperature. Figure out where they are at specific times of the day, and target them in those locations. My favorite lure is the husky jerk clown, trolled slowly a night.

Benny Hilton from Marquette Michigan: 

You need to use real bait. There is so much hype and marketing about plastics and crank baits that people get lured into believing that expensive lures=better results. I have caught most of my trophy walleye on simple sinker/ hook/ dew worm rigs. You do not need expensive equipment, nor is it better than the traditional worm and hook when it comes to walleye. I can’t tell you how many beginners I see on the lake with these crazy man made rigs that head home empty handed.

F. Loin from Wawa Ontario:

Troll real slow. That is my big tip for new guys. I see too many beginners ripping down the lake at trolling speeds 2-5X what they should be. When I fish walleye I keep it to a slow crawl, sometimes it looks like I’m barely moving. Troll too fast and you’ll catch nothing but pike.Favorite lure: anything live works.

Lucio Griffen from UP Michigan:

Just be patient. Often times it can take a full day (8 hours) to catch your limit in decent walleye. I see new guys take a lap or two down the channel and then change spots. Walleye are not that aggressive and the will often times let a lure pass them by the first couple times. Keep trying they will hit it eventually.

Mikey from Detroit Michigan:

Get low and move slow. During the day get the lure right on bottom. Not near the bottom like most new anglers believe. Literally one inch off bottom so the walleye have no choice but to see it.

Dryden WalleyeDryden Walleye Master Tips

  • troll very slow
  • during the day go deep
  • during the night or early morning hit up the shallows
  • trolling will help you cover more ground
  • troll with crank baits or jig with live bait
  • you need a fish finder; always monitor the lake bed for pockets where they hide
  • monitor the temperature; walleye more according to water temperatures
  • don’t get too fancy; that crazy 30$ lure isn’t going to catch you any walleye
  • don’t get too caught up in scents and sprays; live bait will do the trick
  • if you find one, more are usually around