Best Walleye Lures

walleye spinnerIf you walk through any Bass Pro you’ll see aisles full of walleye lures and baits that guarantee trophy walleye with each cast. Fishing manufacturers are always promoting new advancements in lure technologies and how “authentic” and “life like” their baits are. The fact of the matter is that 99% of the walleye lures on the shelves are ineffective. If you check out our walleye tips page (written by real walleye anglers and masters) you’ll quickly see that most of these fishermen prefer using simple rigs such as a hook and worm. Honestly some of the best walleye lures and rigs are the most simple. I am a big believer in live bait. especially when fishing for walleye. The reason is simple. Walleye are very finicky fish and will often times “test” the bait before actually attacking it. Its almost like the nip at the tail and of the rig and then will come back to finish it off. If you are using live bait; such as a worm harness and the walleye nips the tip before you set the hook chances are the walleye will come back to get the rest of the worm. If your using a rubber, the walleye will instantly realize the lures a replica and will not pursuit your rig after that first nip. This becomes especially important when fishing during the day in deep waters where you can’t feel ever little nibble of the hook. Me along with many pro anglers have our go to lures for walleye and I have compiled a list of my top 5 below. Here is another decent article from a semi pro angler on his take of the best walleye lures. You’ll notice a lot of Lucio’s go to lures are similar to mine, as are many of the pro anglers; all for good reason. Check out my picks below:

A worm + a worm harness + a split shot – this is my favorite rig hand down. I have caught walleye from 1-15 lbs + on this setup. It is cheap, effective, and has been working for pro fishermen around the globe for decades. It is a must have in any walleye anglers tackle.

A husky Jerk Rapala – Yes I know, this is an artificial lure. But these Rapalas are simple and effective. They are great for trolling the shallows in the AM or PM and can help you cover a lot of ground. The original smelt colored Rapala or the glass perch have been my best producers.

Jig and a worm – Simple yet effective. This rig has been catching trophy walleye for centuries. If the current is a little rough you can switch to a leech since they are more durable.

A worm + a hook – I bet you didn’t see this one coming. Yes this is in fact one of my favorite walleye rigs and it have caught me dozens of trophy walleye. It is a simple yet effective rig and is great in rocky holes. Walleye are often times during the day hiding out in rocks deep in the lake bed. A simple worm and hook allows you to get into these holes, and if you snag you simple rig up another one since it is so cheap. Remember simple is better when it comes to walleye.

walleye buzz bombA buzz bomb – You probably don’t believe me but I have caught tons of walleye on buzz bombs. Yes I am aware that these are used mainly for salmon but trust me walleye like them too. I only use buzz bombs when shore fishing walleye in deep current filled waters. Buzz bombs mimic an injured minnow floating down stream making it an easy target for walleye. Definitely not the first lure I try, but one to keep in the arsenal to say the least.