Best Fishing Line For Walleye

Many anglers have issues with choosing the right fishing line to target walleye. Why? The reason is fairly straight forward, walleye are picky fish so a thicker diameter can easily tip them off. Walleye are actually quite smart, hence why they are so difficult for new fishermen to target. If you are using a line that is too thick, the fish can sense it, and possibly see it, so they will avoid it. Walleye unlike pike, tend to choose their battles and if something seems off they won’t bite. Using a thin line isn’t the solution since walleye have thin sharp teeth that can easily shred through flimsy line. So what does that leave us with? The right line; braided line.

Braided line is my go to for walleye fishing. The diameter is very thin, making a 20 lb test line appear like an 8. It comes in several colors so you can choose one that closely resembles the water your fishing in making it difficult for the fish to see. Lastly, itsĀ  very strong, and won’t shred in the teeth of a walleyes mouth. Some anglers will argue about the price of braided line, the fact that it doesn’t stretch, and the difficulty tying knots with it. All these points are valid, but braided line is still the best type of line we have on the market for walleye.

Ok, so now that we have the type of line settled, what strength do you require? This depends solely on the river system you are fishing in. If you are fishing in larger lakes capable of producing trophy walleye 10 lbs + then you are going to want to use a strong line. I would recommend 20 lb test. If you are fishing in smaller creeks and river systems that produce 2-5 lb walleye all day long (my favorite for keeping) than a 12 lb test line will be more than enough to suffice.

Don’t over complicate things, when it comes to walleye fishing. My decades of experience have taught me one thing when it comes to walleye fishing: keep it simple. Braided line is strong and thin, just what you need to catch walleye. If the walleye are big use a thick line if they are small use a thinner one. Obviously certain brands are better than others, but for the most part and reputable brand will produce a good braided line for you (Berkley, SpiderWire, Stren and so forth). Try not to get too wrapped around brands. I usually pick up whichever brand is on sale. Good luck on the waters and stay safe.