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The only thing better than fishing, is walleye fishing. Dryden Ontario is home to many anglers, travelers, and fishermen thanks to its beautiful river system. In June fishermen from all over North America head to the small city of Dryden for its annual walleye tournament. But its not just about competitions and derbies, walleye fishing is a lifestyle around these parts. Children learn the sport and a young age, and will continue to target walleye for decades to come. Its a sport people of all ages and genders can enjoy. This information based site will compile all the walleye information you need to make you a better angler, after-all we are the Dryden walleye masters and have been fishing walleye for decades.

Spring Walleye Fishing

This is one of the best times to land walleye. Once these season opens in May spring fishing can commence. Spring walleyes are definitely some of the most challenging walleye to catch, but don’t be discouraged. Spring walleyes can usually be found in the narrow streams, rivers, and creek systems. They hangout in the shallower waters with rocky bottoms (preferred spawning areas). Walleye are very light sensitive, so they will seek coverage in weed beds, muddy waters, and shorelines during this season. Why? The reason is simple. Waters are usually cool during this time of year since the snow is melting and pouring into the river systems. Walleye are more active in warmer waters and will therefore head to areas with warmer temperatures. The shallows tend to heat up quicker than the larger bodies of water, making them perfect areas for the spawn. Remember, when catching walleye its all about location; you need to find where they are hanging out to be successful.

Summer Walleye Fishing

Most anglers favorite time of year for walleye fishing is mid to late summer. The weather is beautiful, and being out on the lake is the best way to spend the summers up here. But aside from mother natures contributions, the walleye are easy to target this time of year making it a fantastic time to fish. As mentioned walleye are light sensitive and in the summer the sun is bright as can be. this makes early morning and night fishing ideal times to land trophy fish. Fish the shallows during these times, since this is where all the bait fish hang out. You can troll up and down the river banks for best results. Prefer fishing in the sun? No problem, the walleye still bite during the day. They are just in deeper waters protecting themselves from the sun. Fish right on bottom during the day and troll slowly since these fish are less active at this time. Some of my best walleye have been caught in the summer months.

walleye jigsFall Walleye Fishing

Fall fishing for walleye can produce great trophy fish; just like summer. The temperatures are changing and the fish are on the move, rendering many of those summer hot spots useless. Water temperature plays a big role in the fall. As water temperatures cool off the walleye head deep this time, contrary to what most anglers would think. This is because the top water cools off first, making the depths of the river system slightly warmer. Fall walleyes are usually found in the deep deep areas of lakes and rivers. The trophy fish can be found in deep sunken structures, rocks, and sand beds. Simple rigs such as jig setups, three way swivels with a hook and worm work great during this time of year.

Winter Walleye Fishing

Yes, contrary to popular believe you CAN fish walleye in the winter. It can actually be a really fun time to harvest walleye, especially here in northern Ontario. What is best about winter fishing is that when you find a hot spot, it is usually good all winter long. I can usually find about 5-10 walleye holes and will cycle between them all winter with really good results. The key is finding these holes. In the winter seek out small pockets of deep water; areas where the depth drops quick and picks up quick. A fish finder may be required, but once you find these holes your set all season long. Big walleye will hide in these deep pockets and prey on bait fish that swim above. A simple sinker + minnow rig can work wonders this time of year.


Walleye fishing is all about location and timing. You need to be able to move with the fish and locate them in all conditions. It is a skill that you will master over time.